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Medikamentöse Leberschäden (DILI)

We are studying new diagnostic markers in patients with drug induced liver injury (DILI) that will allow earlier and more specific diagnosis of hepatic injury caused by therapeutic drugs. These studies are conducted in collaboration with the following consortia: (i) IDILIC (International Drug Induced Liver Injury Consortium), for the analysis of genetic risk factors by genome-wide association studies; (ii) SAFE-T Consortium, supported by the Innovative Medicines Initiative of the European Union (http://www.imi-safe-t.eu/).

If you are treating a patient with suspected liver injury caused by a drug or a herbal remedy, please contact us for further information on how to include the patient in the Swiss DILI Cohort Study. Liver injury is defined by any one of the following parameters:

  • ALT or AST > 3x upper limit of normal (ULN)

  • OR bilirubin > 2x ULN

  • OR Alk. phosphatase > 2x ULN

=> with documentation of normal values before beginning the drug that is suspected to have caused injury.

Please contact the following local study physicians:

Alexander Jetter (alexander.jetter@usz.ch), phone +41 44 255 90 50

Stefan Weiler (stefan.weiler@usz.ch), phone +41 44 255 90 45


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